Bilderberg 2012 Attendees Exposed @ The Intel Hub

Relying on an distracted and dumbed down, uninformed citizenry;  some of the worlds most powerful and influential business leaders, political figures, international law makers,...


Relying on an distracted and dumbed down, uninformed citizenry;  some of the worlds most powerful and influential business leaders, political figures, international law makers, Educational leaders and various diplomats were hoping to slip in and slip out of this years Bilderberg Group conference with as little media attention as possible. With most of the ‘mainstream media’ refusing to cover the Bilderberg Group Conferences for decades now, it hasn’t been too difficult for the globalists to fly under the ‘public radar’ so to speak, thus far.  Any small blips that they have created along the way have been conveniently disregarded or discounted as mere ‘conspiracy nuttery’ by media talking heads and so called ‘ geopolitical experts’, on behalf of their globalist partners, friends and sponsors.

However, with the advent and availability of cheap, user-friendly high-definition quality cell phone cameras & digital video recorders, things are getting interesting. Combine this with easy access to wireless networks and internet hotspots utilizing web-based technologies such as live video streaming, social networking, instant blogging and rss news feeds, a growing and thriving grassroots/citizen based media is determined to use these tools to their advantage. It must be getting tougher and tougher each year for these cockroaches to avoid detection and exposure as they try to meet in secret.

This was certainly the case at this years 2012 Bilderberg Group Conference held  this past weekend at the Westfield Marriot in Chantilly Virginia. Alternative/citizen media were out in full force this time around with many of them streaming live video through services provided by websites like Ustream and Youtube.  This type of live, on the ground coverage allowed thousands of viewers per channel to tune-in and support the protesters via their favorite alternative/citizen journalists and was a great success.

Although the streaming video coverage was great, some journalists were brave enough to step out a bit further into the roadway in an effort to photograph the occupants of the specially marked limousines going in and out of what the globalists dubbed, “The Palm Tree Conference”. Many of the Bilderberg attendees attempted to cover their face to avoid being seen, much like criminals do when they are paraded by Police past groups of media. They also chose strategic areas of the property to enter and exit from,  seemingly based solely on the number of protesters/media at any given entrance/exit, at any given time.

The global elite, when swarming to these very undemocratic and possibly illegal conferences are like most types of cockroaches, they scatter when someone shines a light on them in an attempt to avoid detection. This year however, some of these cockroaches were not so lucky, thanks to the hard work and dedication by the crew over at- The Intel Hub.

To check out some of the excellent photographs of some of the Bilderberg 2012 attendees, be sure to point your browser over to their excellent Bilderberg 2012 page located at:

The Intel Hub also has a page dedicated to 5 unidentified attendees that really shouldn’t go nameless. Perhaps you can give them the recognition they deserve at:


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* NAUNEWZ.ORG would also like to thank  Luke Rudowski with, Alex Jones and the crew, Mark Dice, Dan Dicks and the entire crew, Carrie @ OccupyPdxNews, Hardcore Harry @ and the hundreds of protesters and freedom fighters dedicated to liberty and exposing this globalist cartel. Excellent Work People!!

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