Stop The North American Union

"A North American Union that will be a carbon copy of the European Union (EU) which will end our Constitutional Republic, Bill of Rights, legal system and freedoms"- Dr. Daneen Peterson

John McGowan Presents NAU researcher and expert Dr. Daneen Peterson.
In this very informative interview, Daneen Peterson lays out the agenda of the North American Union (NAU) and explains how our governments in concert with the biggest corporations and NGO’s in Canada and the United States are accomplishing this agenda through various initiatives, treaties and trade deals which incrementally lead us down the path to full blown economic and political integration to form the “Americas”.

Dr. Peterson has made her research available to anyone interested in finding out more about this agenda being played out behind closed doors. Her site is called and serves as an virtual archive of her research into the NAU where she so wonderfully connects these incremental dots and lays out the big picture for the reader.

The following video interview by has been edited to focus on North American Union, the full interview is available at: