Stopping The North American Union- The PFT Interview

This Sept 4th, I had the utmost pleasure of joining Dan Dicks from Press For Truth via Skype, to talk about some of the...


This Sept 4th, I had the utmost pleasure of joining Dan Dicks from Press For Truth via Skype, to talk about some of the latest developments in the North American Union agenda.  We were able to hit on topics such as, the Canada-U.S. common security perimeter deal, deep integration, harmonization, the transportation & trade corridor system (aka-NAFTA Superhighway), as well as some of the recent advancements in their attempt to consolidate North America.

If you’ve been following the developments of this North American Union, you may have come across some very factual and informative documentaries by-Press For Truth. Titles like:  ‘The Nation’s Death Bed‘ and ‘United We Fall‘ are chalked full of excellent interviews with the globalists themselves, asking the tough questions and covering important  events the mainstream media won’t. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, we suggest you do!

Be sure to check out the links and videos directly below this interview for more information what is being discussed



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Canada-U.S. Common Security Perimeter Deal

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Other Resources Mentioned In The PFT Interview

- The Fight For Canada -Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism (Book)


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